Written Testimonial – Mike Pentz

Written Testimonial – Mike Pentz

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Staff Testimonial

Mike is working with us as a Territory Sales Specialist and is looking after our clients. He is amazing at what he does.

Here is a written testimonial from him, see what he thinks about us:

What’s your experience been so far?
Mike: Working in a new industry is always going to be a challenge especially in a sales environment, the way the team has pulled together and guided me for me to be successful can only leave you feeling confident.

Why would rate Nedlands Group as a 5-star employer?
Mike: Yes I would, I personally enjoy working here and the owners of the business have an extreme understanding towards their people and this drives the culture for the business and its clients.

What advise can you offer to potential candidates looking to join the team?
Mike: When you apply for this role, understand that this is a rapid growing, well oiled business machine that is family orientated and have your best interest at heart.

What do you enjoy about working with the team at Nedlands Group?
Mike: The atmosphere in the office, the team and the potential to grow.

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