What is the difference between 0-10V dimming, 1-10V dimming and DALI dimming?

What is the difference between 0-10V dimming, 1-10V dimming and DALI dimming?

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LED dimming methods are used widely in the home and workplace to reduce light intensity levels and achieve desired effects.

Did you know that if you appropriately and consistently drop your lighting level from 100% to 50%, you will sufficiently accomplish energy savings when 100% light intensity isn’t required?

There’s three dimming methods and switches available from Nedlands Group with different capacities to attain different results.

Want to know the difference between these three dimming options?

0-10V dimming

0-10V dimming methods work by transmitting a signal between 0 and 10V. As such, the output of the lamp is scaled, providing 100% light output. Naturally, 0V provides the least amount of light output.

0-10V dimming has been tested throughout the years and remains a simplified, but still reliable LED dimming control protocol.

Both the 0-10V and below 1-10V dimming method are categorised as an analogue method.

1-10V dimming

The 1-10V dimming method involves a signal transmitted between 1V and 10V. Where 1V showcases the minimum amount of light (only 10%), 10V displays the maximum amount of light for this LED dimming method – at 100%.

A key difference between 0-10V dimming and 1-10V dimming is the different lighting and turn-off voltage. Where 0-10V dimming methods turn on at 0.3V, 1-10V dimming methods turn on at between 0.7 and 0.8V.

DALI dimming

DALI is a dimming method which stands for “Digital Addressable Lighting Interface.”

It’s also an international standard which drives the process of how lighting installation should communicate with control and steering systems. Unlike the two dimming methods listed above, DALI is categorised as a digital method.

A good thing to remember is the independence of DALI from lighting manufacturers. This means it’s very possible to utilise different brands and components within the same system.

How does the DALI dimming method work?

  • Every DALI system is made up of a controller and a maximum of 64 lighting components, such as a ballast.
  • Each of these components are provided a unique identifying address, with the controller capable of controlling these components as the DALI system transmits and receives data.

Want to know arguably the best-selling point of the DALI dimming method? They’re dimmable from 0% right up to 100%.

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