What are Casambi Lighting Controls and Their Features?

What are Casambi Lighting Controls and Their Features?

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Casambi lighting controls allow complete control over illumination, colour temperature and light colouring of your Bluetooth enabled luminaires via your smartphone, tablet or even smart watch.

Lighting options are unique to each and every environment, from residential to commercial and industrial settings.

In a modern world, flexible technology that makes life easier is a must. Casambi LED lighting controls is just one example of this.

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How does Casambi work?

There’s three tiny (but mighty) moving parts that make Casambi technology work.

What are they?

  1. Based upon Bluetooth Low Energy, its low power wireless technology is future-proof and the mainstream solution as your LED lighting controls, across commercial, industrial and residential settings.
  2. Bluetooth aside, Casambi has a mesh network of intelligence across each and every node.
  3. The Casambi app is the tool, the remote gateway and user interface all in one.

Bonus! Casambi modules are retrofittable, meaning it can be added to existing light switches.

Talk to your LED lighting manufacturer and supplier about the easy integration of Casambi into LED drivers, LED bulbs and LED modules.

9 features you will love

You don’t need to organise expensive electric work, wiring or a range of devices and applications to control your lighting. You need only rely on Casambi lighting controls.

  • Colour temperature
  • Control hierarchy

This feature combines manual (push buttons, switches and app) with automatic lighting controls (sensors and timers) to modify and overrule to fit the space.

  • Gallery

Users can upload floor plan, marking luminaire positionings.

  • Gateway

Can be securely accessed and controlled remotely.

  • Grouping

Group any multiple luminaires so they can be controlled all together or the group can be accessed for individual control.

  • Lighting colour

Control (via the app) the RGBW light colour with a simple tap of the button or choose from your favourite colour panel.

  • Scenes and animations

The scenes functionality allows different lighting situations and occasions to be easily manageable. With animations, you can fade from one scene to another on a set cycle or timer.

  • Scheduling (including sunrise and sunset)

Turn on and off by easy programming date, day and time. Once location and time zones are set, Casambi has the in-built capacity to calculate local sunrise and sunset times, too!

  • Synchronisation and integration

Intelligent synchronisation leaves no point of failure and connecting Bluetooth-enabled sensors, push buttons and wall switches achieves complete integration.

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Cost-effective, intelligent and easy to use – this is Casambi technology summed up, and these three benefits plus the controls and features listed above are what’s waiting for you.

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