Top 5 Tips for LED Warehouse Lighting

Top 5 Tips for LED Warehouse Lighting

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LED lighting has seen a rapid rise in the industrial and commercial sector, offering many benefits for businesses in reducing their energy usage and costs.

For large spaces such as factories, gymnasiums, warehouses or distribution facilities, LED high bays are usually the appropriate choice as they are adaptable and can fulfil the demands of numerous applications.

However, warehouses can be challenging spaces to light as they have high ceilings, open spaces and narrow aisles.

So what should you be asking your supplier to ensure the lighting is correct for your application?

Tip 1: Reduce glare

Preventing glare is important in any workplace setting. Eye strain, headaches, fatigue, are all potential side effects from excessive lighting.

Even more so within high-risk environments such as warehouses, where staff are operating machinery or look up at racks, glare can cause a quick loss of visibility that could lead to serious accidents.

For lighting products, glare is rated according to the Unified Glare Rating or UGR. Choose products with a UGR of less than 19 for both efficiency and glare free operation.

Tip 2: Importance of ‘colour temperature’

In warehouse and factory environments, staff often work under artificial light which can affect their productivity.

Selecting the right LED colour temperature can make a big difference to the space.

Bright white daylight colours, 4000K to 6000K are ideal as it will improve the working environment, making it look brighter and safer, and products can be better seen.

Check out our range of POWER-LITE High Bays to create your optimal lighting experience.

Tip 3: Light distribution

Even light distribution is a key health and safety consideration.

High ceilings and narrow aisles in warehouses, means that it’s particularly challenging for light to reach all the areas.

But the consequences of a dark or dimly lit workplace can cause accidents and picking errors. Good product selection as well as an effective lighting installation plan is important here.

Choose a product that is designed to ensure precise optical control of the light distribution, such as the POWER-LITE LINEAR 150W LED HIGHBAY, which is specifically designed to illuminate aisle spaces efficiently without wasting any light.

Tip 4: Take control of the light

The lighting is only ever as good as the control; and the most efficient light is the one that is switched off.

Motion sensors to dim or switch off lighting when there’s nobody in an area can reduce energy consumption.

Also harvesting daylight which adjusts the artificial lighting according to the amount of natural light can also reduce electricity costs.

Our POWER-LITE LED UFO HIGH BAY is 3CCT selectable and power tunable between 100W, 120W & 150W and comes with a remote-controlled microwave sensor, making it a great option to suit the needs of each space.

Tip 5: Not all LEDs are made equal

Quality LED products now outperforms traditional metal halides that are commonly used in industrial settings, due to the advancement and development of LED technology.

This has produced a rapid growth of suppliers within the sector; however, product quality can vary widely.

At Nedlands Group, we only use quality POWER-LITE branded components. Our industrial lighting products include high light efficient LED chips which are extremely efficient producing up to 170 luminaire lumens per watt. Check out extensive POWER-LITE range of High Bays here.

Require lighting for your warehouse or factory?

Our team can help provide the best lighting solutions for your needs so you can get the right amount of light where you need it.

We also provide a complimentary lighting plan service, where we can design a personalised industrial lighting layout to help you work out exactly which light fittings you need and where.

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