The Benefits of an Integrated Office in Your Home

The Benefits of an Integrated Office in Your Home

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With all the working from home (WFH) that occurred in 2020, and still occurring for many in 2021, the importance of having an optimal working space in the home is all the more necessary.

Not all of us have the luxury of a functioning, optimised work studio on our property and separate to our dwelling, so it’s necessary to work with what we have, and make it better.

What can you do if you’re cramped for space in your home, such as living in an apartment?

The team at Nedlands Group are here to show you the benefits of an integrated office for your home. Read more from the Australian lighting manufacturers and Power-Lite® suppliers at Nedlands Group to find out more.

Why work from home?

According to the ABS, almost half of the Australian working population worked from home either sporadically or continuously from the first half of 2020. Why? It helped stop the spread of the virus, and it’s changed and shaped the way we work and live.

Quality work-spaces, either built in or easily envisioned within a home has become hot property in the Australian and worldwide property buying and renting markets.

Developers, home builders and renovators are realising this, too. With many in the market demanding properties (be they suburban houses, inner city townhouses, apartments, units etc) have dedicated, comfortable, fit for purpose and optimised work-spaces at home.

So, how should you set up a home office? Let’s look at some factors, including office lighting ideas below.

Setting up your home officeHere’s some things to consider when creating a home office/working space:

  • Ergonomic office desk and chairs
  • Ideally a separate room with its own door, bonus points if the room or space has a kitchenette and toilet
  • Power points and optimal office lighting (more on that later)
  • High speed internet access, desktop monitors and/or laptop(s).

Of course, you can personalise your home office or working space in any way you deem fit. Art, office plants and/or a bookcase and occasional chair never go out of style.

What you should never compromise on though, is office lighting.

Nedlands Group understands the need for electricians, home builders and contractors to source accessible, high-quality office lighting products.

The office lighting products you need

Nedlands Group are the trusted manufacturer and supplier of lighting products. Whether it’s in the warehouse, office, or your very own home office, we have the best range of office lighting products (including Power-Lite®), to ensure your work is completed well.

Nedlands Group have the office lighting products for your home office that can:

  • Increase visibility to make work easier
  • Reduce eye fatigue and headaches
  • Improve your mood and function of your circadian rhythm (a key player in your happiness and energy levels).

So, whether you’re in need of Downlights, Track Lights, Strip Lights, LED Linear Lighting or LED Panel Lights or something else, look no further than the trusted office lighting suppliers at Nedlands Group.

Are you an electrical contractor or home builder?

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