Reasons to Choose LED High Bay Lights

Reasons to Choose LED High Bay Lights

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Reasons to Choose LED High Bay Lights

High Bay Lights are designed to be used in a very high area to provide well distributed and uniform light for open areas. LED High Bay Lights are energy efficient commercial lighting fixtures for high ceiling applications such as large manufacturing facilities, gymnasiums, commercial building, industrial lighting and warehouse lighting solutions.

LED’s Meet Every Requirement of a Warehouse or Commercial Space

LED High Bay Light fixtures meet every requirement for high bay light applications in warehouses or a commercial space.

This is what you would look for when buying LED High Bay Lights for your warehouse:

  • Design Layout
  • Lighting brightness and coverage
  • Appropriate colour rendering
  • Long life span
  • Durability
  • Non-Toxicity
  • Cool Temperature

Reasons to choose LED High Bay Lights

Energy Efficient – LED’s do not consume much energy to produce light and energy efficient high bay lights reduce commercial costs and becomes practical and sustainable.

Less Maintenance Costs – LED High Bay Lights have L70 ratings that last upwards of 100,000+ hours. Less bulb replacements saves cost in commercial spaces, factories and warehouses.

Electricity Efficient – LEDs do not consume a lot of energy to produce light, which eventually saves money for LED High Bays setup in commercial establishments.

Highly Durable – LED High Bay Light fixtures do not break easily and are virtually unbreakable.

Some of our High Bay Lights available with Nedlands Group:

These LED High Bay lights are suitable for warehouses, airports, exhibition centres, shopping centres, supermarkets, stadiums, toll stations, subways and other indoor and outdoor high ceiling applications.

Utilising the POWER-LITE™ LED High Bay Light provides many benefits in addition to the substantial costs savings achieved through our LED technology. Our LED High Bay Lights tackle the usual challenges faced with providing a lighting solution, including the elimination of UV therefore insects will not be attracted to this light. There is no warm up process, the light is immediate and reaches full output upon the flick of a switch. The IP66 rating and high-quality powder coating provides a durable and safe solution, protecting the product against rust and water penetration, meaning no maintenance is required.

If you need more information on setting up high bay lights for your business, give us a call 1800 909 306 and speak to our lighting specialist.