Light Up Your Life With LED Strip Lights

Light Up Your Life With LED Strip Lights

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LED lights do so much more than help you see and save you money (with their impressive cost-effectiveness). In fact, LED lights can add style, sophistication and set the tone for the setting and locations in which they’re placed.

Want to know how to light up your life with LED strip lights?

We’ve brought together the best ways to encompass LED strip lighting in a range of spaces, for a multitude of purposes. Read more from the Australian electrical wholesaler company, Nedlands Group, to find out how.

Place behind computer and TV screens

Lighting on the back of your computer or television screen can relieve eye strain, all while making images appear clearer. This is otherwise known as ‘bias lighting’ – a weak light source that illuminates a wall or other surface behind the screen(s).

By strategically and properly placing LED strip lights on the top, bottom and along both sides of the screen, you are easily achieving bias lighting.

This is a fantastic lighting method already used by many late-night workers, students and gamers.

Under the bed

Lighting under the bed, really? We hear you but here’s why it’s a good idea: a comforting night-light addition in children’s rooms.

Even in your own room, LED strip lights under the bed can bring forth deliciously divine warm, ambient tones to help you drift off to sweet dreams.

Under shelves

Placing LED strip lighting on the underside of your shelving units can be an innovative way to display your knickknacks and collectibles.

With LED strip light additions, you’ll be able to display subtly, but boldly:

  • Your favourite figurines and collectors’ items
  • Books
  • Treasured photos and artwork
  • Other small miscellaneous, decorative items that make your house a home.

You’ll find LED strip lighting is an effortless, stylish addition at the foot of workspaces, wall-mounted cabinets and open shelving units, too.

In the darkest of rooms and areas

Your laundry area, garage, cellar or storage room(s) are likely the darkest areas of your home or business. This is where shelf-mounted LED strip lights come in very handy.

Garden and pool areas

Inside isn’t the only place we need to see. Add stylish functionality to your outdoors with LED strip lighting today. These lights emphasise your landscaping like no other and LED strip lights in the pool can turn your ordinary backyard pool into a beautiful, resort-style oasis.

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