LED Battens – All you need to know!

LED Battens – All you need to know!

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LED battens are a great option for commercial, warehouse and workshop applications as they cover large areas and offer high efficiency. They also provide excellent illumination with wide beam angles, making them super practical for your space that needs bright light. The challenging part is choosing the right LED batten lights for your installation. That’s because there are many different options. But here are a few of the more basic considerations that you’ll need to make when choosing a new LED batten:


Because LED produces higher levels of light at much lower wattages, it is best to consider lumens instead of watts which can give you a better idea of the overall light output. For example, if you’re replacing a 2x 36W fluorescent batten, an 18W LED batten is a great solution in producing a higher light output and is far cheaper in terms of energy bills.

LED Colour Temperature

Selecting the right colour temperature, depends on the area of application. For example, 3000K and 4000K gives a softer light creating ambiance and warmth, great for domestic areas like hallways. However, for areas that require visual clarity which is essential for safety like garages, workshops, car parks and warehouses, a minimum colour temperature of 5000k would be more appropriate and reacts with the brain in keeping alert and active.

Colour Rendering Index

Look for a LED batten that has a CRI of at least 80 which indicates natural colour that is closer to daylight. High CRI ratings can create a more comfortable working environment, improve mood which overall boosts productivity.

Beam Angle

LED batten lights typically have wide beam angles that helps to fill an area with light. So, when choosing an LED batten, consider the light fittings distribution and the intensity.

LED Chip Quality

The LED Chip type is another important consideration as it determines the LED Battens light performance. Chips with high quality will have a longer lifespan, degrade less in light output and quality over time.


The life expectancy of a batten light is also crucial factor to consider. These lighting fixtures have a lifespan of 30,000-50,000 hours and can last up to 10-12 years, which is significantly longer than fluorescent lighting.

Entry points

Cable entry points at both the rear and either side provide maximum flexibility.

LED Drivers

Battens can have non-isolated drivers that are low in height, with inbuilt heat sink for effective heat dissipation. The main advantage of built-in driver is that the customers can replace an existing fluorescent fitting directly.


LED Battens are available in many different sizes, so you’ll need to ensure that you select the right length that not only fits your space but will also provide adequate light distribution across the area you want illuminated. For example, short 300mm and 600mm LED battens are typically used for under cabinet applications in kitchens or wardrobes where there is minimal space available. Whereas larger battens are more diverse and can be used in many different areas.

Installation ease

LED Battens should be quick and easy to install. Handy features include a large terminal block, side conduit and rear cable channel allowing for easy wiring.  Also, look for LED Battens that include brackets or clips for ceiling and wall mounting.

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