How To Design Shopping Centre Lighting?

How To Design Shopping Centre Lighting?

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These days shopping centres are not only a place to shop, but also is an environment suitable for people to relax. This is where LED lighting comes in to achieve superior effect and performance.

Want to know how to design shopping centre lighting?

We’ve explained the detail of the LED lighting needs and design points in different areas of the centre. Read more from the Australian electrical wholesaler company, Nedlands Group, to find out how.

Lighting Requirements

For large spaces, LED commercial lights are widely used because of their characteristics and abilities in providing brighter and uniformly distributed light. Luminous flux, colour temperature, reliability and cost performance are all key factors to consider in the lighting design.

Explore the possibilities

With its many illumination options and benefits, the possibilities of LED lighting are endless

Reduce Cost

Since shopping centres have large square meters, the number of fixtures used is high which can affect energy consumption. This is why it pays to use energy efficient LED lighting that is high-quality and cost-effective.

Enhance Experience

Create a comfortable visual environment by considering the direction, colour, intensity and distribution of light in different spaces.

Engage Customers

Use LED lighting to your advantage by creating visual appeal to draw customers in. Appropriate lighting and illumination, colour temperature and brightness can attract the customer’s attention to areas or products and trigger their desire to buy.

Lighting Views (Natural Lighting)

Create smart lighting solutions that combine daylight with LED lighting that ensures adequate illumination while being cost effective, easy to install and maintain.

Lighting Source and Method

Shopping centres contain many areas and have different requirements for lighting effects, so the key to the right lighting must be appropriate for its purpose.

General Lighting

Passages, corridors and escalators are the main traffic areas that link the shops. The placement of fixtures such as LED Downlights or linear lights can give people a direction to follow. Also, the lighting design needs to be well balanced and flexible to suit seasonal needs and decoration changes that often occur.

Local Lighting

Wanting to create interest and highlight display areas? LED spotlights are perfect where natural and warm colours have the best light effects and are versatile where they can be aimed in different directions for changing flooring layouts.

Emergency Lighting

Meet safety regulations by installing dual powered LED emergency lights and exit signs in every passageway, corridor and hallway that lead to an exit.

On-Duty Lighting

Shopping centres rely on the operation of lighting during non-working hours for safety inspections and observations. For this reason, the placement and brightness of LED lighting must be carefully considered.

Flood Lighting

Perfect for providing instant visual impact to building facades, LED flood lights come with multiple beam angles and light distribution. With its higher lighting efficiency, they replace conventional halogen or metal halide flood lights. 

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