How Lighting Benefits Your Business

How Lighting Benefits Your Business

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How Can Energy Efficient Lighting Benefit Your Business?

Setting up energy-efficient lighting isn’t just good for the environment but can also boost your bottom line. Nowadays, every business should have the most efficient lighting installed and with advanced technology there is no longer an excuse.

Whether you’re setting up a new business or are looking for ways to reduce your existing business’s energy consumption, installing or upgrading to energy efficient lighting and integrating other smart solutions is one of the most effective ways to lower your carbon footprint and your energy costs.

LED Lights offer a number of advantages for businesses including:

  • Longer life spans with less maintenance
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Improved quality of lighting which can improve productivity
  • Boost efficiency by increasing worker satisfaction and comfort levels 
  • Give the place a brighter glow compared to other bulbs

Businesses of all sizes (small, medium or large) in any industry can benefit from energy efficient lighting which includes: offices, retail stores, restaurants, commercial businesses and warehouses. These benefits are advantageous for businesses where lighting is used 24 hours a day, such as data centres, laboratories, or production plants.

  • Use the above information to identify where you can remove lighting altogether, replace lights, install sensors and controls, or change behaviours.
  • Determine the implementation requirements and costs.
  • Identify if staff can be involved or if LED lighting specialists are required.
  • Consider the various different lighting options for your business such as led lights, downlights – SMD downlights  or COB lights?
  • Organise lighting quotes from the top lighting stores, and carefully evaluate supplier proposals.
  • Install the new lighting system. It is useful to trial this in a small area first if you’re upgrading a significant number of lights.

A little bit of planning with the upgrade to energy-efficient lighting can make you feel good knowing you’re saving money.

Take Away!

Don’t procrastinate! It’s now the time to start creating an energy-efficient workplace. These tips will help you incorporate an energy-efficient lighting and will eventually improve your bottom line. 

At Nedlands Group, we can help you in designing the lighting for your business and assist you with the setup. Give us a call 1800 909 306 and speak to our LED lighting specialist.

Do you have any great advice on how to make a workplace more energy efficient? We would love to hear from you!