Got Upcoming Electrical Maintenance at Schools or Warehouses This Christmas?

Got Upcoming Electrical Maintenance at Schools or Warehouses This Christmas?

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Electrical Maintenance

We understand that electrical emergencies do not stop, especially during the holiday period when schools or warehouses are closed. This is the best time of the year to perform any sort of electrical maintenance work.

An electrician’s work does not stop just because it is Christmas!

In fact, this can become worse. So, if you have any big jobs or projects coming up, buy lighting products & accessories in advance and save yourself time buying at the last minute.  

We stock a wide range of LED lighting products & accessories including LED battens, led panel lights, led downlights, up/ down lights, track lighting range, high bays, twin spots, spot lights and much more… check out our range on the website.

LED Lighting Products Suitable for Schools…

Education facilities such as childcare centres, schools or universities have their own unique lighting challenges. The right lighting is important for any indoor setting because of the effects it has on humans and their emotions.

Some of the LED Lighting products suitable for schools are LED Battens, LED Panels, LED Downlights, LED Flood Lights and more…

Create more effective learning in your schools by improving the lighting.

LED Lighting Products Suitable for Warehouses…

Warehouse lighting should accomplish safety and increased productivity. If your business has a large space for warehousing or manufacturing, then upgrading to quality LED lighting will be beneficial.

Most warehouses use LED High Bay lights as there are many benefits achieved through the LED technology. LED lights are a perfect solution for a warehouse because they are energy efficient and extremely versatile.

What else you would need?

In addition to the lighting products, you might want to go for some switch gear products including dimmer switches, motion sensors, plug bases as well as switches & sockets.

Take away…

Ensure you have all the lighting products you might need during the holiday period!

Christmas Closure…

We are closing at 4 pm on the 18th December and will re-open at 7am on the 4th of January. Our website store is open 24/7 during the holidays and you will be able to place orders via our website. Please note that we will be able to ship products on the 4th of January 2021.