Benefits of Solar Street Lights

Benefits of Solar Street Lights

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Street lighting solutions that are sustainable and efficient have become the standard due to the advancement of technology.

This is where Solar Street Lights provide a great option in reducing energy consumption, saving ongoing running costs.

So how do you choose the right Street Light?

We’ll look at some of the main factors to consider and why Solar Powered Street Lights could be the perfect choice for you.

Energy Efficient

Achieve the required illuminance using less energy. As solar powered luminaries receive renewable source of energy from the sun, it is great for the environment as it generates 0% carbon emissions.  

Day/Night motion sensors

Allows for automatic on and off switching which preserves the battery’s charge and wastes no light.  

Remote lighting control

Adjust lighting modes according to different times of day and traffic flow to achieve the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction.

Low Maintenance

Avoid ongoing running and maintenance costs. Solar Powered Street Lights require minimal care. Models built with long-life lithium batteries can provide enough light for 5-7 days without experiencing a charge, in the event of cloudy or rainy days. Plus, during power outages, solar powered lights will continue to function.

Light Source

Quality LED chips such as Philips 5050 provide a reliable source of illumination and brighter light.

Lumen Output

Consider the brightness and the amount of light for adequate coverage. Solar Powered Street Lights can achieve high lumen efficiency of 200lm/w, creating uniform light distribution and wider area lighting.

Easy Installation

Solar Street Lights will provide outdoor illumination that requires zero wiring and are self-sufficient, making them suitable for remote areas and non-electricity supply zones.

Design and Construction

Street lights need to be durable as they are exposed to tough conditions such as heat, cold temperatures, and heavy rain. To avoid possible damage, ensure that all components are protected such as:

LED Chips

Requires strongly sealed protection against UV to maintain high brightness levels.

Body Material

Look for Die-Cast Aluminium and Anti-Corrosion for maximum longevity.

Heat Control

The lifespan of luminaries is a lot longer if the LEDs are kept cool. Make sure the thermal management is well designed.

High IP Rating

IP65 rating provides high protection from water and dust.

Choose POWER-LITE Street Lights that offer energy efficiency, durability, and high lumen distribution.

Check out our line of POWER-LITE Solar and LED Street Lights. If you would like help with this process, simply reach out to our lighting experts at Nedlands Group.

We can provide custom lighting design services, lighting supply, or even just straightforward advice on the best lighting options to meet your needs.

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