Always use Kelvins (K), not the terminology

Always use Kelvins (K), not the terminology

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When purchasing lighting fixtures, terms are usually given to describe the light colour of certain temperatures.

The Kelvins will typically be 3000K for warm white, 4000K for natural or cool white and around 6000K for daylight.

Now it’s not always the right idea to use these names to get the right colour as different suppliers and manufacturers can use different terminology, so it’s always best to go by the Kelvin (K).


Look at this possible scenario:

Say you’ve asked your lighting supplier for 50 cool white downlights.

However, after installation, it was noticed that the colour temperature was too bright.

The lights installed were not 4000K but in fact were 6000K.

So, while some call 4000K a cool white, may be considered as daylight for others, and vice versa.

Just to be careful, always go by the Kelvins to avoid any possible issues such as colour temperature differences, especially after the fittings have been installed.

Buying the right colour temperature is crucial for each application.

While it comes down to personal preference as some people prefer warm white to daylight, specific colour temperatures are better in certain applications. For work areas, daylight colour temperatures can be beneficial in providing light that is brighter.

Where to use each lighting colour temperature?

For a relaxing and calm setting, 3000K would be recommended for living room and bedroom areas.

4000K has a much more natural, brighter feel. Great for a lively, more modern feel where things can be seen a lot clearer in certain areas like kitchens and living spaces. It is definitely better for home offices as work areas can be seen better which improved productivity.

It’s also a good option for bathrooms where tasks such as applying makeup or shaving can be seen a lot clearer and give a natural skin colour.

Still unsure?

4000K has the best of both worlds, it has a slight warm tinge to it, but still produces bright white light.

Interestingly, 4000K is produced by the perfect mix of 3000K and 6000K LED Chips, so it’s not too yellow and not too blue. 

So in certain areas you might want to use 4000K in laundries, toilets, garages, studies, commercial applications or ultra-modern applications.

6000K colour temperatures should only be used carefully and are suitable in certain applications. This is because it can be very harsh in environments like the home.

They are commonly used in high work areas such as hospitals, garages, and office environments. The light naturally works with the brain to keep workers more alert and awake.

Go Colour Temperature Switchable

LED products with tri-colour options, and those with dimming capabilities, offer an additional advantage where you can adjust the lighting as per your requirement.

The built-in slide switch can allow the colour temperature to be adjusted between 3000K, 4000K & 6000K to suit your lighting needs.

Our extensive range of POWER-LITE LED fittings include colour temperature selectable options:

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