Your Guide to LED Cyanosis Lighting

Your Guide to LED Cyanosis Lighting

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Cyanosis is a medical term used to describe skin, nails or lips that are blue or greyish in colour. This process occurs because of oxygen-depleted blood due to underlying disease, exposure to cold temperatures, tight clothes or jewellery.

So, you’re probably wondering, what does this have to do with lighting?

Read more from those who specialise in Cyanosis light panels, your known and trusted Australian LED wholesalers at Nedlands Group to find out.

What are LED Cyanosis light panels?

When working in a medical setting, you need to be able to trust your eyes. Correcting your vision could be made possible through prescription eyewear and surgery, but did you know it’s also possible through efficient lighting in your environment?

Medical grade LED Cyanosis light panels and Cyanosis downlights are expertly designed to provide highly accurate and fast detection of colour specific symptoms in patients.

Where do you need LED Cyanosis downlights and light panels?

  • Hospitals,
  • General Practitioner Rooms, and
  • Other related Allied Health Clinics.

Diagnosing, treating and caring for patients in a medical setting is of the highest priority. Make this process easier by purchasing and installing LED Cyanosis light panels for your peace of mind and theirs.

LED Cyanosis light panels in the spotlight

LED Cyanosis light panels and Cyanosis downlights from Nedlands Group are tried, tested and true to their value and functionality.


  • Our Cyanosis light panel products have a life expectancy of approximately 50,000 hours (that’s over 5 years!)
  • Our warranty is for 5 years too, so if something goes wrong within the first 5 years, your light panels are completely covered.

You can rest assured that our LED Cyanosis light panels are carefully and expertly designed to meet the required Certificate of Insurance (COI) for your medical or allied health business.

The product details and specifications can be found here.

Did you know Nedlands Group also provide surface mounts as part of our LED light panel accessories selection? This kit has everything you need as an electrical contractor to safely install LED light panels.

Just another reason to rely on Nedlands Group for all your wholesale LED lights and accessories. For more reasons why contractors know and love Nedlands Group, read on.

Why Nedlands Group?

Nedlands Group are an Australian lighting manufacturer, proudly providing a top range of lighting products and accessories to electrical contractors.

So, why should you choose Nedlands Group?

  • Fast, friendly and efficient service
  • Same day dispatch and free delivery on all online orders – we really do believe in delivery at the speed of light!
  • A range of LED lighting products on hand (including the complete Power-LITE® range)
  • Warehouses in Victoria and Western Australia to easily meet demand.

Working on a medical setting renovation, design or construct?

Nedlands Group are here to work with you to provide cost, energy and time-efficient LED lighting solutions for contractors and businesses throughout Australia.

If you’re an electrical contractor, electrician, home builder or other professional trades contractor, Nedlands Group is the wholesale LED lights supplier you need to work with.

Need LED Cyanosis lighting products?

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