Wi-Fi vs Bluetooth Controlled Lighting

Wi-Fi vs Bluetooth Controlled Lighting

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Wi-Fi and Bluetooth play a large part in how we work and live our lives.

We can access the internet securely, remotely and almost always without fail through Wi-Fi (the common abbreviation of ‘wireless fidelity’). Bluetooth, on the other hand, let’s us listen to music and podcasts, transfer media, and make and answer phone calls.

These are only some of the many ways Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can be used to make our lives easier.

You can also use both technologies to control lighting in a building. However, one enjoys more benefits than the other.

Want to know why Wi-Fi controlled lighting is better than Bluetooth?

Read more from the Wi-Fi downlights Australia manufacturers and suppliers at Nedlands Group to find out.

Wi-Fi Downlights Australia

Whether you need down lights residentially, commercially or industrially, you need to talk to Nedlands Group about our Wi-Fi downlights.

Let’s explore the benefits of Wi-Fi downlights in your building:

  • You need only supply the power, because the Smart Life application (app) will do the rest.
  • There’s no need for a Wi-Fi gateway as the app will connect directly to the light via your internet modem.
  • Flexibility – you can control your downlights via a standard wall switch, or the easy use of your phone.
  • The Family Management System can be utilised by any device (of your choosing), to dim or change the colour temperature for each room’s user preference.
  • There are adjustments available of up to 5 or more Wi-Fi downlights at a time, or just one at a time.
  • A Master option exists to give you the ability to switch every light off at once.

All of these benefits can be found in the nifty little Australian Wi-Fi downlights stocked at Nedlands Group. The name you’ll need to know is: Power-Lite® LED Wifi Integral Downlight.

Bluetooth controlled lighting

Bluetooth controlled lighting is another option favoured by some, when it comes to smart lighting. However, you will need to deal with a low demand of product, so naturally, lower levels of stock.

Also, if your phone or tablet regularly loses signal, using Bluetooth to control your lighting probably isn’t the best solution. Instead, choose Wi-Fi downlights.

Where to find Wi-Fi downlights in Australia

Nedlands Group have the Wi-Fi downlights you need in Perth, Melbourne and throughout Australia.

Why Nedlands Group?

  • We have two locations – a warehouse and showroom in Perth and a warehouse in Melbourne for Australia-wide convenience.
  • Same day dispatch for all online orders placed by a certain time, plus free delivery!
  • Large amount of stock available at competitive prices.
  • Genuine, personable and dedicated customer service from a small-knit team who are all knowledgeable and passionate about what they do.

At Nedlands Group, you can rest assured knowing that our Power-Lite® LED Wifi Integral Downlights and other products will save you time, energy and costs when compared to older halogen downlights.

Need Wi-Fi downlights in Australia?

Contact us today for all your regular and Wi-Fi enabled lighting products, quality service and advice for your next lighting project.