Why Deal Directly With The Lighting Manufacturer?

Why Deal Directly With The Lighting Manufacturer?

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When you deal directly with someone, there’s no middleman to give you the run around. That’s why many businesses choose to work with manufacturers directly. It’s no different when it comes to LED lighting wholesale in Australia.

There’s so many benefits to dealing directly with an Australian lighting manufacturer, and they’re all centered upon efficiency.

Want to know why you should deal directly with a lighting manufacturer for your next project?

Read more from the LED lighting manufacturers at Nedlands Group to find out.

The benefits of dealing directly with a lighting manufacturer

If you’re in an electrician, electrical contractor, home builder or other contractor, there’s so many reasons to rely on a lighting manufacturer.

Let the team at Nedlands Group walk you through the benefits:

  • Competitive pricing – that’s the great aspect of going manufacturer direct
  • Products always available in stock – if it’s listed online, it’s available for purchase
  • Saves you time and stress from going store to store
  • Product quality, the professional, genuine advice and warranty is always guaranteed
  • You will improve your workplace productivity with enhanced lighting efficiency.

These are the benefits of choosing the Australian LED lighting manufacturers at Nedlands Group.

Our two strategically located warehouses in Victoria and Western Australia ensures the lighting products you need, are closer than you think.

Why Choose POWER-LITE®?

At Nedlands Group, it’s our wholehearted mission to have POWER-LITE® in every space.

Here’s why we love POWER-LITE®, and why we think you will, too:

  • Health and Safety

At home and at work, there’s physical ailments that are attributed to poor lighting, ranging from eye strain to migraines. LED lighting can help rectify and prevent these issues when installed, with their ability to support positive moods, wakefulness and better performance.

  • Productivity

Lighting is essential to functioning at work. Working with an LED lighting manufacturer allows you to know what lighting products are recommended to boost employee productivity. LED lighting is very similar to natural sunlight, so sourcing LED lighting from a well-respected lighting manufacturer in Australia is a smart choice for workplace productivity.

  • Savings

Did you know that when you invest in POWER-LITE®, you’ll be saving money over time?

This is because the POWER-LITE® range of light globes, panels, battens, downlights and more are quality products that are built to last. Their energy efficiency will greatly diminish any direct or indirect maintenance costs when compared to older, cheaper or halogen counterparts.

Efficiency is paramount in the workplace. So, know that when you choose POWER-LITE® for your lighting supplies and Nedlands Group as your LED lighting manufacturer, you’re maximising efficiency in every way, shape and form.

Who to rely on as your lighting manufacturers in Australia?

Make Nedlands Group your trusted LED lighting manufacturers in Australia. When you deal with us, you can rest assured that you’re getting only the best in advice, service and overall product quality.

Need LED lighting products for your next project? Contact Nedlands Group to receive fast, friendly and efficient service and great quality products from a trusted lighting manufacturer and wholesaler.