What to Consider When Replacing LED Downlights?

What to Consider When Replacing LED Downlights?

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Thinking of upgrading your home or office lighting to LED?

Thinking of replacing your lights with LED Downlights? It may be a time to upgrade to newer energy-efficient LEDs as they are an excellent lighting choice for your home or office. LED Downlights not only enhance the visibility of the room but also highlights the best features of your interior design. Due to their stylish design and advanced features, LED downlights are a popular choice among home owners. When installed properly, they can create a unique lighting design.

Factors to consider before replacing the LED downlights:

Do you want to change the bulb or the whole light and fascia?

Something you would need to consider before replacing the LEDs. Check out whether you need to change the bulb or the whole light facia?

240V or 12V Downlights

Many existing homes have recessed downlights installed that use a MR16 connection which runs on a 12V circuit and requires the transformers to drop the voltage level from 240V to 12V.

While new homes now use a GU10 connection especially when installing LED Downlights which runs on a 240V circuit and does not require transformers.

Transformers and LED downlight drivers draw power as well as light, therefore 240V downlights are more energy efficient.

Some of the other FAQ’s you would need to know:

  • Do you need an electrician to install a point for each light?
  • What’s the Brightness (lumens)?
  • Do you want the downlights to be dimmable? Do they flicker under a dimmer and do they come with a dimmer switch?
  • How many existing dimmers would need to be replaced with LED-compatible dimmers?
  • What’s the beam angle?
  • What’s the colour temperature?
  • Colour rendering index (CRI, which is how broad a spectrum of colour that is put out).
  • Do you want downlights with a diffuser or not?
  • Downlight mounting flush/recessed with ceiling?
  • Do you have your lighting design ready?
  • Do you prefer COB Downlights or SMDs?
  • Do you need surface mounted or recessed?
  • What’s the price difference like?

At Nedlands Group, we can help you in deciding the LED lights for your home and office. We have an in-house design team that creates designs for free. Speak to our led lighting supply specialist and get the right advice.