What is the importance of CRI in LED lighting?

What is the importance of CRI in LED lighting?

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CRI LED Lighting

The Colour Rendering Index (commonly abbreviated to CRI) refers to the measuring ability of a light source in accurately reproducing the colours of the object it illuminates. While it’s often misunderstood as a metric of colour quality, this is simply not the case. Think of CRI instead of indicating how colours will look under a light source when compared within sunlight, ranging from 0-100.

There’s more to CRI than what meets the naked eye.

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The importance of CRI

Are you struggling to differentiate between what is grey and what is black in your office or warehouse? This could point to a very low CRI coming from your currently utilised lighting source.

Not all lighting is the same, with not all lighting capacities being made to equal effect. You’ll find some light renders colour better than others.

The CRI measurement rating recognises the following:

  • Colour naming accuracy
  • Colour harmony
  • Hue discrimination
  • Naturalness
  • Preference
  • Vividness.

It’s highly recommended to utilise LED lighting with a high CRI, so you can get the benefits of natural light, artificially.

What’s the best CRI for LED lighting?

We’re moving away from incandescent, compact fluorescent and halogen lighting, which all had good CRI capacities to more energy efficient lighting alternatives. Enter: LED lighting.

You’re looking for LED lighting products for your business or home, but how do you know what the best CRI is?

Let’s find out:

  • Led lighting with a CRI greater than 80 is considered to be acceptable for most applications
  • Led lighting with a CRI greater than 90 is commonly considered High CRI lights.
  • The average LED downlight has a CRI of about 80, but if you want to make the most out of your lighting, LED lighting with a CRI above 90 is what you need for high quality.

High CRI lighting (90 and above) is valuable for photography, hospital and clinical settings, textile and printing facilities, retail displays and grocery lighting where accurate colour presentation and mimicking of natural light is highly regarded.

High CRI lighting is welcomed within residential environments too, for its ability to highlight design details to create a comfortable and natural atmosphere.

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